mandurah carpet cleaning
mandurah carpet cleaning

mandurah carpet cleaning
mandurah carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

There are several different methods used today for carpet cleaning. At Heron Carpet Care we use two different but unique and efficient methods.


1. Hot Water Extraction (or 'Steam Cleaning') This method is performed by applying a pre-spray to the carpet fibres and then hot water is injected into the fibres to dislodge the dirt particles, rinse and then it is extracted away leaving your carpet clean and fresh.


The 2nd method we perform is called "Encapsulation" (Low moisture).  This method is somewhat diferent to the previously mentioned method in its technique.  A specially formulated product is applied to the carpet fibres and agitated deep down using a special machine with 3 agitating heads rotating in opposite directions (planetary motion) which ensures all sides of the carpet fibres are cleaned and coated with a special conditioning agent which prevents the fibres from rapid resoiling.  The chemistry used in this system has gone through some extensive improvements over the years and truly produces some outstanding results which has left many customers in amazement.

Upholstery Cleaning

There are many different kinds of upholstery fabrics and they all get dusty and soiled over time.  We clean all fabric upholstery using unique tools which will leave your lounge, couch, sofa or dining chairs looking and smelling fantastic!  Also our unique system will leave them drier and cleaner than any other method available.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tiles & grout become dull and soiled over time.  Using special equipment and solutions we are able to remove that ground in dirt to bring your tiles and grout back like new again.  You will be AMAZED with the results and how cleaning your tiles and grout can brighten up the area significantly!  Give your tiles and grout a facelift TODAY!